The River Cruise Experience

There is a reason that everyone is talking about river cruising right now! Traveling on these beautiful and intimate ships is one of the best ways to explore a new destination.

The great rivers of the world were the original highways between cities, towns, and countries since waterways were the primary way that people were connected with the wider world. So when you travel on a river cruise, you are not merely sailing to the destinations you are visiting – you are sailing through them.

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Why River Cruising?

On a river cruise you can:

  • Visit 3 or 4 countries on one journey – but unpack only once.
  • Travel in a floating boutique hotel with floor-to-ceiling views of fairy-tale countrysides.
  • Step right off of your ship into the heart of some of the world’s most romantic and historic destinations.
  • Enjoy fresh, locally-sourced cuisine and excellent service on a small and intimate ship.
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River Cruising Journeys

Here are some of the journeys you can take on a river cruise:

  • A trip on the Rhine River that takes you from the lowlands of Amsterdam to the foothills of the Alps.
  • Ten days in Egypt that combine 3 nights in a Cairo luxury hotel, with a week-long sail on the Nile through the Valley of the Kings.
  • A journey through the heart of Provence and southern France on the Rhone River.
  • Sail down the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans on an authentic paddlewheeler.
  • Journey through Vietnam and Cambodia on the fabled Mekong River
  • . . . and many others!
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