What is Expedition Cruising?

Sleeping in a narrow cot on a bare-bones ship? Eating hard-tack and salt cod while you learn how to trim the sails? Well, no, not at all!

Expedition Cruises are destination-intensive, small ship cruises with a focus on education and exploration – and they are an exciting new option for curious travelers.

Why Expedition Cruising?

Travelers who would enjoy the expedition cruise experience are interested in:

  • exploring the world on a small, comfortable ship.
  • having a taste of exploration and adventure.
  • learning about science, history, geology, or culture from experts in their field – while you are exploring the same places that you are learning about.
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Expedition Cruise Destinations

Where can you go on an expedition cruise? Anywhere that a small ship can go!

The top destinations for expedition cruises are Antarctica, The Galapagos Islands and Alaska – but you can also explore Scotland, Central America, the Greek Islands, and countless other places around the world on a small ship cruise.

There is a tremendous variation between different cruise companies and itineraries in terms of luxury, amenities, and inclusions so it is very important to connect with an expert in expedition cruising to help you with your planning.

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